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Sweet Wonder

★ [for your eyes only] ★


★ S W E E T ~ W O N D E R ★
for your eyes only

⇒ Hiyas, and welcome to Sweet Wonder, a graphics journal of kasumisukimix. Here at this little place of mine, I share all of my works mostly with the program Artweaver for now [until I can get my other programs back again]. I make icons, banners, sometimes wallpapers, and you'll occasionally see drawings of mine. Don't worry, the drawings are not bad so place that thought out of your head.

⇒ Anime/Manga you're most likely to see here? I'm currently in love with my top three, which are Pokemon, Romeo x Juliet, and One Piece. My goodness, I love them to bits. However, you will end up seeing Wedding Peach, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex, and Samurai Champloo. I'll probably get into more anime in the future. Why? Because fandoms are love.

⇒ Movies are a yes. I adore all sorts of Disney movies, and a ton of romance, comedy, historical, and adventure. Listing all of the movies might be too much for me to list right now. Maybe I'll make an entry with all of that.

one. Credit all work that is made by me.
two. Absolutely no hotlinking. Just don't do it.
three. Please do noy edit/alter any of my works. I would prefer if you didn't.
four. Friending me would be great! No need to ask, so go right ahead!
five. Comments are absolute love. Besides, everyone loves them, right?

⇒ If you are looking for my resources, there are right here.

⇒ If you wish to affiliate with me, come here.

⇒ The original codes of this profile layout go to jounins. Meanwhile, the layout goes to refuted.
The header is made by me.